A week of blogdown for RStudio's summer 2019 interns.

Day 01


Alison Hill / 2019-06-10

Slides here


Your mission, high-level, is to personalize the biography section of your new home page:

  1. Open your blogdown R project, and use the serve site add-in right away.

  2. In this example site, a superuser is created with the username admin and corresponding user profile located at content/authors/admin/_index.md. Open up this _index.md file and update the YAML front matter plus the bio after the front matter (i.e. after the last --- line) to create your profile.1

  3. Find a .jpg file you want to use as a profile photo. For best results, place a square cropped portrait photo named avatar.jpg into your profile folder at content/authors/admin/, overwriting the example image.

  4. Attempt to update your site on Netlify (doh! this is a bit of a trick 😉).

  5. Sign up for a Netlify account, using your GitHub account (see screenshots below).

Want more?…


  1. Look at the default landing page for your current “out of the box” example site- scroll through the sections. Which do you like? Which do you want to cut? Make a list!

  2. Look at the upper menu navbar- what menu items do you want? What is missing? Make a list!


  1. Now is also a great time to read this short explanation of LiveReload